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Land has been acquired to build the Skyline Villas development!

11   /   07   /   2019

Land has been acquired to build another two or possibly three uber luxury contemporary villas in the Pegeia area of Paphos. These individually designed and detached villas, promise to be something very special indeed; the location demands it!

Learning much from the Panorama Villas project, and stretching our design teams talent even further. The contemporary styling envisaged for the Skyline Villas project will be exemplary, and the added lifestyle features will create homes of dreams for the discerning few. Taking inspiration from the more advanced property market of Marbella, Spain, these homes will be unique to Paphos, a cut above the rest! 


Furthermore, and uniquely for the Paphos property market, prospective buyers will not only be able to see the stunning villa designs on paper and in CGI Photorealism. They will be able to see and walk around inside them in glorious detail and clarity like they already exist. This is all thanks to the Virtual Reality hardware and software employed at the Villas-By-Design VR Studios in Paphos!

At the Villas-By-Design VR studios, visitors will be taken through the best version of a property whether that be an apartment, townhouse or villa to let them fully appreciate what the property can and will become; seeing is believing! This is guaranteed to impress, giving an even clearer picture of what to do with the living spaces later, and how they will be finished; in fact buyers can choose their finishes and colour schemes this way. We call this the WOW factor!

The villas are currently in the design phase with Villas-By-Design, should be released for sale in late 2020.


Construction of Panorama Villas, Pegeia, begins!

01   /   06   /   2019

Today Theo Theodorou Construction Ltd began the construction of Panorama Villas in Pegeia, Cyprus, which is scheduled to last ...

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