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Construction Begins at Panorama Villas

01  /   06   /   2019

Today Theo Theodorou Construction Ltd, the nominated construction engineers for Panorama Villas in Pegeia, Cyprus, began the construction of Panorama Villas, which is scheduled to last until September 2020. The local building brothers Arisitos and Theo Theodorou were selected based on their building performances over the last 15 years. Between them both they have a wealth of construction experience, and their local reputation for service and honesty is deemed to be exemplary!

Theo Thedorou Construction Ltd based in Coral Bay have built some notable homes and mansions such as the Palms Villa near Coral Bay. So it was without hesitation, the developer (Shortway Solutions Limited/ MR Kelvin Kingsley) awarded the construction project to them.

The developer looks forward to working closely with Theo Theodorou construction to achieve and surpass the project vision as laid down on plans, and already constructed in the 3D Modelling and Virtual Reality world! 


Land is acquired to build the Skyline Villas development!

11   /   07   /   2019

Land has been acquired to build another two or possibly three uber luxury contemporary villas in the Pegeia area of Paphos. The individually designed villas will be ...

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