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Location, Location, Location, the three most important words in real estate.
On elevated land on the West side of Pegeia in an area of outstanding scenic beauty. The Panorama Villas plot of land captures the 180 degree breathtaking views, Jurassic scenery and fresh air perfectly.  With a stunning view of the Mediterranean ocean shimmering in the background, the magic of the moment is somehow amplified in this lovely setting. Everyday as the sun dips below the horizon, a breathtaking sunset, the sun’s fiery kiss to the night begins, and the glistening lights of Pegeia and Coral Bay below takes over. This truly is a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, a place where you can live like a lord.

"Just close your eyes to experience the location with your soul, and not just your eyes."

Each villa will be situated on a usable land size of 1,100 square meters. Land size that allows for a separate double garage, good sized gardens and abundant tiled terraced areas, plus a designer swimming pool of epic proportions with a surface water area of almost 100 square meters. 

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