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We design dreams not homes

Frustrated by lengthy Architect design turnaround times, and the lack of control over the overall design process. MR Kingsley at great time sacrifice, taught himself 3D property modelling on the top architect software called Autodesk Revit. This now allows him to design his own properties in his own time frame. Thereafter the 3D property design is transposed by a registered architect into Autocad 2D for construction and planning permission purposes.    

Furthermore, with Virtual Reality hardware, Kelvin was able to see and walk around inside a property design in 3 dimensions before its even built; it's like eating a cake before its even baked; the proof really is in the pudding! This was an ingenious discovery, one that allows a property developer such as MR Kingsley to discover the problems and shortcomings of a property design before its even built, which leads to construction time and money savings!

Spurred on by this skill and knowledge, MR Kingsley has gone on to learn other graphic design and visual presentation softwares. Now a team of young professionals have been collated together, ones that are more skilled in such design and presentation softwares to form Villas-By-Design.

Villas By Design exists to serve the Off-plan property industry with stunning property designs, and a suite of visual marketing and presentation tools. Tools that enable other Cyprus property developers to present better and sell faster to potential homeowners!

Furthermore, and uniquely for the Paphos property market, property developers, prospective buyers, other architects, interior designers and estate agents will not only be able to see stunning property designs on paper and in CGI Photorealism. They will be able to see and walk around inside them in glorious detail and clarity like they already exist. This is all thanks to the Virtual Reality hardware and software employed at the Villas-By-Design VR Studios in Paphos!

At the Villas-By-Design VR studios, visitors will be taken through the best version of a property whether that be an apartment, townhouse or villa to let them fully appreciate what the property can and will become; seeing is believing! This is guaranteed to impress, giving an even clearer picture of what to do with the living spaces later, and how they will be finished; in fact buyers can choose their finishes and colour schemes this way. We call this the WOW factor!


Kelvin kingsley

Born in the county of Suffolk, England. Kelvin had a keen interest in property construction from an early age when he helped his builder Father on construction sites just to earn some extra pocket money.

Since then Kelvin has gone on to build a very large Buy-to-Let property portfolio and constructed property developments in locations such as Cape Town, South Africa and Bodrum, Turkey. 

Today now living permanently in sunny Cyprus he goes back to his property routes for the design and construction of Panorama Villas.


young professionals

Kelvin has collated the design services of many young professionals that specialise in areas such as Architecture, Photorealistic Image Rendering, CGI Animation, 3D Modelling and Graphic Design.


Together they form Villas-By-Design that delivers a full suite of visual marketing and presentation tools to the Cyprus Off-plan property development industry. 

Tools that will enable Cyprus property developers to present better and sell faster to their prospective buyers!


Leonard Epureanu hailing from Romania is very passionate about his work. Back in 2011 on a website forum he saw the most amazing computer-generated image of a car wheel. On that day he said to himself, “I want to create an equally amazing car wheel in 3D”. This he did and the rest is history as they say!


Today with the aid of 3DS Max and Corona software he continues to follow his passion, by creating and rendering professional 3D CGI imagery for others. His goal is to create beautiful images that captivate a viewers attention right away.

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